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Legal Services for Businesses

Sussex solicitors in Eastbourne, HailshamPolegate and Meads, East Sussex offering legal services and advice for any matters relating to commercial law and general business litigation. We can assist with any issues relating to transferring a business, commercial property and leases, as well as any landlord and tenant issues. We also handle the huge area of employment law, including disciplinary issues and dismissal.

Business Advice

We offer experienced advice and help, tailored to your individual circumstances, on a variety of topics relevant to all business owners, from sole traders and partnerships up to larger companies.   Read More

Buying and Selling a Business

Whether you are buying or selling a business; time and aggravation, and more often money, can be saved by sensible preparation and the early consideration of relevant issues. We can assist by offering experienced advice on the relevant topics.  Read More

Commercial Property Law

At the heart of most businesses is a property. Whether this is office space, a retail shop or just a storage unit, we can advise you on the full range of property based issues that can arise.  Read More

Business Employment Law

Employment law is complex and different rules can sometimes interact with one another with unexpected consequences. Employment law is also subject to regular change as a result of legislation and decisions of the Courts and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.  Read More

Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Going to court is a source of great worry and concern to most people. So much so that many feel they have little option but to avoid the confrontation and suffer financial loss as a result. It is very common for perfectly valid cases to be abandoned for this reason.  Read More

Landlord and Tenant Solicitors

Leasehold law is a complex area and is highly regulated. We have extensive research facilities which ensure that our Landlord and Tenant team remain up to date with all legal developments and provide you with a comprehensive service.  Read More

Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Commercial Leases are complex documents that govern the relationship between Landlord and Tenant. Experienced advice on the drafting and subsequent interpretation of leases is vital and we can assist in this regard.   Read More

Mediation Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is sometimes referred to more generally as Mediation, is a voluntary method of resolving disputes in business without the costs and delay of court or tribunal proceedings.  Read More