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Employment Law for Individuals

Employment Law Rights

If you are having trouble at work, we understand this will be a difficult time for you. If you are the victim of discrimination, harassment or are subject to bullying, unfair treatment or disciplinary action, or if you are pursuing a grievance or if are going through a redundancy process or you have been dismissed, or indeed have any other issues at work, it is important to know at the earliest opportunity what your rights are. We can advise you on your rights, how to deal with the situation and your options.

We also advise on contractual issues including the consequences of not having a written statement of terms, the validity of post termination clauses in your contract, deductions from salary and breaches of contract.

If you are offered a new contract of employment, or revised terms and conditions of employment, you can be sure your employer will have considered the matter carefully, and probably taken legal advice. We recommend that you do likewise as important issues about your job and pay may be at stake. To accept without advice, or to reject without good cause, can lead to embarrassment and financial loss.

Early advice is often the key to a successful outcome in employment cases. Knowing from the outset how to position yourself drastically improves the chance of a successful outcome.

Employment Law Services

  • Business re-organisation
  • Business Transfers and TUPE
  • Collective Consultation
  • Contractual Issues including:
    • Breach of Contract
    • Varying Contractual Terms
    • Post Termination Restrictions¬†and Business Secrets
  • Directors
  • Discrimination and Equal Pay
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Drafting Policies and Procedures (e.g. social media, equal opportunities etc)
  • Employment Status
  • Maternity and Family Rights
  • Pay/Wages
  • Recruitment
  • Sickness
  • Termination of Employment including
  • Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements)
  • Whistleblowing
  • Working Time

We act for employees as well as employers.

Employment Advice

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