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A Trust arises where assets are held by individuals (Trustees) for the benefit of others (Beneficiaries). A Trust can be a useful device in defining and protecting the interests of beneficiaries who may have different financial requirements or need protecting from themselves. They can provide tax and other advantages. But there are strict rules which apply and expert knowledge is required to comply with the requirements of the law and, above all, to ensure that a Trust is only employed where it is likely to be beneficial.

Hart Reade has an experienced department used to dealing with different types of Trust. Whether you wish to pay your grandchildren’s school fees or ensure assets pass to your children or grandchildren without tax, we can identify the options available, their benefits and disadvantages, and the cost.

We can discuss with you the options for tax planning through lifetime giving to a Trust or by incorporating a Trust into your Will.

If you believe that setting up a Trust may help you to organise your affairs in the way that you wish, please do not hesitate to contact us for an early meeting. We will be happy to discuss the options available to you and their likely cost.


The system of tax self-assessment means it is even more important for every individual to be aware of his or her own tax position. The Government now imposes strict penalties:

Hart Reade can help you to comply with the requirements imposed by law. We complete tax returns for some of our clients and we can give guidance on proper record keeping. In particularly complex cases we have easy access to specialist tax advice and can advise on tax mitigation and appeals.

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