Eastbourne & Hailsham Foodbanks

Chosen Charities for 2023

Every year Hart Reade chooses a charity to sponsor. Resonating with all of our staff, the opportunity to support Eastbourne and Hailsham Foodbanks for 2023 was met with a loud and clear ‘yes!’

2023 brings its challenges, including an urgency to help those in poverty. Eastbourne Foodbank alone gave out 13,459 food parcels between April to September 2022, with 4,728 of those going to children. That is a 125% increase from the same period last year. Sadly, the numbers are rising rapidly as more families fall into poverty from the high cost of food and housing. Howard Wardle, MBE, CEO at Eastbourne Foodbank said, “We are now regularly providing emergency food for more than 2,000 people each month. Each statistic is a life and it is not acceptable that so many people in our community are living in poverty. This isn’t right and we can’t allow this to go on.”

Hart Reade will be working closely with Eastbourne and Hailsham Foodbanks with a number of fundraising events and donations. Serving Eastbourne and surrounding areas for over 110 years, we have an obligation to help improve the lives of those struggling in our community.