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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Court Action

Going to court is a source of great worry and concern to most people. So much so that many feel they have little option but to avoid the confrontation and suffer financial loss as a result. It is very common for perfectly valid cases to be abandoned for this reason. We have commercial litigation solicitors who can help, advise and resolve many such cases.

We recognise that court cases are a source of anxiety for our clients, and we know that many people are discouraged by the thought of giving evidence in court and all the expense.

We believe in trying to settle claims without the need for court action, but there are cases where litigation becomes unavoidable. In such cases we will be able to ensure that you have accurate advice about the risks and your chances of success. We will always discuss the likely costs with you at the outset. We always give an estimate of the likely final costs and will keep that figure under review. Also if the case involves a small claim or it will for some reason be uneconomic to instruct us, then we will say so, and will be able to give you advice on how to deal with it yourself.

Resolving Disputes

Hart Reade are used to dealing with all manner of claims and disputes and have many Private and Corporate Clients. We have access to specialist barristers when necessary.

Please telephone the following contact numbers if you would like to arrange to speak to one of our Commercial Litigation Solicitors:

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Meads 01323 407577

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