Commercial Property Law

Commercial Property Law

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

We are experienced with all types of commercial property, including retail premises, industrial units, hotels and guest houses, agricultural land and development land. We also advise on Stamp Duty implications as necessary.

Our legal team regularly deal with all shapes and sizes of freehold and leasehold land, and also have the knowledge necessary to deal with the less frequent transactions such as unregistered titles, build-out projects and SIPP purchases. From one small unit up to a large estate or portfolio, we aim to offer practical advice and assistance tailored to the individual client’s circumstances.

Andrew Pluck

Head of Department, Partner, BA Hons (Law)

Commercial Leases

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the correct preparation of the lease document is vital. It will govern the obligations of the parties for a significant period of time and is difficult to alter at a later date. Clarity is essential if disputes are to be avoided.

When acting for landlords, we seek to ensure there are enough restrictions in place and that a sufficient level of control is retained. Landlords must retain a certain level of involvement in the property in order to protect their capital asset. However, if they infringe too much on the tenant’s ability to use the property freely then they will struggle to let the property at all.

When acting for tenants, we strive to negotiate a fair division of responsibility for the property. Also, to ensure that the landlord has not weighted the lease too much in their own favour. Full details of the tenant’s obligations are provided to a client before the lease is signed and completed.

For more information, see our Landlord and Tenant page.

Commercial Finance

Securing lending on a commercial property, either individually or by way of portfolio, can be very complicated. It is often as involved as the initial acquisition of the property and it is not uncommon for the Lender to appoint their own solicitors to oversee matters. We are used to dealing with Lender’s solicitors in such matters and can anticipate the general requirements leading to a smoother and swifter transaction.

Land Development

Whether you are a landowner or a property developer, we have extensive experience with development land issues and documents including:

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Commercial Property Law Leaflet

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