Commercial Litigation

Shareholders versus Creditors – Who Wins?

This recent judgement on directors’ duties to creditors is an important case for company law, given the current uncertain economic climate in the UK. The recent judgement of BTI 2014 LLC (Appellant) v Sequana…

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Top 10 tips for negotiating a commercial lease

Coronavirus – Restrictions on Forfeiting a Commercial Lease

The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on all of us and on the UK economy. Many businesses are unable to operate normally. They may have been forced to close and/or seen a…

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July - Buying A Business

Using Mediation To Resolve Business Disputes

There are a few simple truths about business nobody tells you.  One, you will never work harder for anyone than for yourself; two, the customer is not always right, but because they can now…

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What Can I Do About Late Payers?

Business and Commercial Law The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 already provides for interest to be added to late payments under most commercial contracts, i.e. between two businesses, where your own terms of business…

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