Family Law

Types of Protection Orders

Non-Molestation Orders Non-Molestation Orders are made under the Family Law Act 1996. These are an Order prohibiting a person from molesting another person. It is a criminal offence if a Non-Molestation Order is breached…

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The Court Has Ordered Cafcass Prepare a Safeguarding Letter – What Is This?

In children cases the Court may make an order that a Safeguarding Letter be prepared by Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service).  When an application for a Child Arrangements Order is…

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The Benefits of the Collaborative Approach to Family Law Disputes

What Claims Do Unmarried Couples Have On Separation?

If you are looking to find out what claims do unmarried couples have on separation, then please read this article below: Claims under Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 The law…

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Divorce Solicitors Sussex

3 Reasons Why You Need to Update / Make Your Will if You are Divorcing

In Divorce, there are so many things to think about and it is easy to go through the process without considering your Will. Many people think, ‘I’ll change my Will after the Divorce is…

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What Types of Orders can the Court make in Respect of Children?

We often receive enquiries regarding how solicitors can help with issues relating to children when relationships break down. If you are finding it difficult to agree on issues relating to children we encourage you…

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Is Mediation a Must?

There are proposed plans to force separating couples to negotiate their divorce first by mediation. The proposals aim to relieve pressure on the family court backlog as well as to promote a more amicable…

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Can I take my child abroad on holiday?

Are you a new parent? Here is why you should make a new will.

There is so much to do to properly care for your new baby and the responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when thinking of the future. One question we are regularly asked is whether you need to make a new will after you have a baby.

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Family courts open their doors to reporters

Until now, journalists have not been allowed to report on what happens in family courts. As of 30 January 2023, a pilot scheme has been launched whereby accredited media and legal bloggers are entitled…

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The Dangers of Cohabitating

There has been a big jump in the number of first-time buyers who have registered as unmarried home owners. The data is concerning, albeit understandable. Buying power is near impossible for single earners and…

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What Happens if my Spouse Ignores the Divorce Petition?

Enforcement of Child Arrangements Orders

We often come across cases where one party or even both are not complying with the child arrangements order.  There may of course be good reason a party is not complying and indeed also…

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