Trusts & Tax

Inheritance Tax and The Law

Thinking about dodging inheritance tax duties by making gifts to your children? Watch out! Families have been stung by an HMRC ‘raid’ over the past five years which has hauled in an eye-watering total…

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Has Your Trust Been Registered?

The rules regarding trusts have recently changed and as a result most new and existing trusts need to be registered with HMRC via the ‘Trust Registration Service’ (TRS).

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We are LGBTQ+ Friendly Solicitors

An LGBTQ+ friendly solicitor is a solicitor that has experience in advising clients who identify as being part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community.

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Important Changes in Capital Gains Tax for Transfers of Private Residences – Less Than a Month to Go

The start of the new tax year on 6 April 2020 sees dramatic changes to the current capital gains tax calculation, reporting and payment regimes and it is imperative that owners of residential properties…

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Queen's portrait on notes and coins

Does the Queen pay Inheritance Tax?

Life, Death and Taxes – all inevitable? Well, for most of us yes, but not if you happen to be the UK Monarch! The Queen holds a large amount of property in her capacity…

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Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax on the Rise

More Estates to be Subject to Inheritance Tax A report from financial services company NFU Mutual has concluded that the increase in wealth in the UK combined with the Inheritance Tax Nil-Rate Band being…

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Burden of Inheritance Tax

An increase in UK house prices combined with the freezing of the nil-rate band at £325,000 is leading to more families paying Inheritance Tax on the death of a relative. A report by the…

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Money Laundering

The fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive was endorsed by the European Parliament in May. This imposes on national Governments a requirement to create a register of the ultimate “beneficial” ownership of corporate and other…

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Gift a House

What are the consequences? In the latest ‘Is it legal?’ article in ETC magazine, Hart Reade’s legal experts explain the consequences of gifting a house to your children. Please click here for the full…

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Agricultural Property Relief

Changes to Planning Rules Agricultural Property Relief is a relief from Inheritance Tax on death for owners of agricultural property. It has come to light that changes to the Town and Country Planning (General…

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