Statutory Legacy Increase

With effect from 26 July 2023 the Statutory legacy has increased from £270,000 to £322,000.  This is the amount that passes to a surviving spouse where the deceased leaves children and does not leave…

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Divorce Solicitors Sussex

3 Reasons Why You Need to Update / Make Your Will if You are Divorcing

In Divorce, there are so many things to think about and it is easy to go through the process without considering your Will. Many people think, ‘I’ll change my Will after the Divorce is…

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Carlton Aldo Watts v Jobyna Watts

The son of 92-year-old woman who claimed his mother’s will was forged lost his case. In Carlton Aldo Watts v Jobyna Watts, the claimant’s attempt to show he was dishonestly disinherited from his late…

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Wealthy businessman attempts to leave his estate solely to male heirs, cutting wife and daughters out

In a recent case in the Royal Courts of Justice we discovered that wealthy businessman, Karnail Singh, who died in 2021, made a will with the intent to leave his estate ‘solely down the…

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Can I take my child abroad on holiday?

Are you a new parent? Here is why you should make a new will.

There is so much to do to properly care for your new baby and the responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when thinking of the future. One question we are regularly asked is whether you need to make a new will after you have a baby.

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Video-witnessed Wills Extended

The Government announced yesterday that legislation introduced during the pandemic to allow Wills to be witnessed remotely will be extended until January 2024. The legislation amended the Wills Act 1837. Although Wills still need…

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The Risks of Online Wills

Online Will writing services have become increasingly popular but there are concerns that this could lead to a surge of contested probate cases in the future. The attraction of an online Will is often…

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Do you know what will happen to your digital assets on your death?

Technology is a huge part of modern life. With more photographs stored online than in physical albums and the increased use of online social media accounts, digital assets are becoming increasingly valuable to individuals….

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Power of Attorney

Life Interest Trust Wills

A great solution for many circumstances. Faye Harlow Smith is a solicitor in our Private Client department specialising in the preparation of Wills. Here she explains why a Life Interest Trust Will can often…

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Do I Need a Will?

More than half of UK adults do not have a Will, are you one of them? If you do not have a Will, or your Will is invalid or unclear, this can lead not…

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