Does the standard of living during marriage affect the division of finances?

luxury standard of living

luxury standard of livingIn the recent case of Juffali v. Juffali, the Court considered whether the standard of living enjoyed by the Wife during the marriage, should be reflected in the assessment of her future needs.

Some brief facts:

Financial Provision under Divorce

The Wife was not entitled to any financial provision under the Divorce obtained in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the Wife applied to the Court in England and Wales for financial provision for herself and her daughter.

The Wife sought a significant proportion of the assets in order to reflect the very high standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the marriage. However, the Husband’s position was that the Wife should only receive a ‘package’ which met her reasonable needs.
When deciding which financial orders should be made, the Court considered all circumstances of the case, with the first consideration being the child of the marriage.

The Court’s Decision

The Court felt that in view of the length of the marriage and the Husband’s significant wealth, the Wife was entitled to secure a home for her and the parties’ daughter. However, it was not reasonable for the Wife to obtain a home of the same scale as the Husband’s home in London, or expect to continue spending money on private jets and teams of staff at her home.

The Court held that the Wife could not continue to have the lifestyle she led with the Husband following separation. It was felt that the Wife needed to create a life of her own.

Therefore, the Court awarded the Wife a lump sum of 18 million (rather than the 62.8 million she sought) to enable her to purchase a comfortable home in London. The Wife also received capitalised maintenance, as well as payments to meet the needs of the parties’ daughter.

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