Child Abuse Loophole to be Closed

Family and Children

On the 22 June 2011 the Government announced plans to close a legal loophole that could allow those who physically abuse children or vulnerable adults to escape justice.

It is already a criminal offence to cause or allow the death of a child or vulnerable adult. However, causing serious physical harm, short of death, is not covered meaning that those responsible could escape justice. The Government has announced that it will be backing a Private Members’ Bill which will close this gap in the law.

The new offence will be used in cases where a child or vulnerable adult is deliberately seriously harmed and it is clear that one of a closed group of people has inflicted the injuries, but there is not enough evidence to prove who is responsible. This loophole in the law has enabled those who injure a child or vulnerable adult to escape justice by remaining silent or by blaming or lying for each other.

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