How Long Does Probate Take?

In the event of a death of an individual, there are many questions that an Executor of a Will or Personal Representative will be asking.  For example, how do I get probate?  Is there a Last Will and Testament?  What are the duties of an Executor?  Do I need Probate?  How to apply for Probate? What are solicitors’ charges for probate are amongst some of the first questions that pop into peoples minds.

More often than not, it is asked how long does probate take?  This is usually dependent upon the complexity and size of the estate but can take anything from 2-6 months as a rough guide.

At Hart Reade Solicitors, we specialise in the administration of estates and therefore help with the duties of an Executor or Administrator of the estate in completing all necessary probate forms to obtain a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration.  We can also assist in the administration of insolvent estates and provide advice on how the debts of the estate are to be dealt with as there is a strict order.  In some instances, it may not even be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration depending on the value of the estate and how the assets are held.

On occasions, someone who thought that they should be a beneficiary may wish to find out about contesting a Will which we would refer to as contentious probate.  Again, at Hart Reade Solicitors, this is a service that we can advise fully on.

Dealing with a deceased’s estate need not be a minefield as we as probate solicitors are able to help you through the whole process with minimal difficulty.

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