Calls for the Regulation of Will Writers

The Law Society has recently launched a campaign calling for will writers to be regulated.  At present anyone can set themselves up as a will writer without the appropriate training and protection in place.  Will writers can offer an attractively cheap service but The Law Society has exposed cases of storage problems, poorly quality drafted wills and problems resulting in families of the deceased being left to deal with costly mistakes and excessive fees.  The Law Society believes that will writers must be regulated at the earliest opportunity to stop the exploitation of consumers who are making the most important personal and financial decisions of their life.

The Law Society president Linda Lee said:

‘Anyone in England and Wales can operate as a will writer. They are not required to hold any formal qualifications may well provide no consumer protections such as insurance. Many of those calling themselves will writers may have purchased a franchise to do so and are free to prepare wills without any training or insurance protection. As a result, some will writers do not have the means to recompense an injured party to the full extent of their loss, which severely undermines the possibilities of seeking redress. When something does go wrong, there’s no system in place to prevent the same mistakes happening again.’

Unfortunately due to the very nature of making a will most problems will not be detected until after the individual has died leaving the bereaved to deal with the consequences.

Hart Reade Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are required to undertake continuing professional training and are fully insured.  We can talk to you to ensure that your will is expressed in a way that is legally sound and can advise you on financial issues such as inheritance tax and trust planning.  We also offer free and safe storage of your will and provide you with a copy to refer to at home.

If you would like advice regarding your Will please contact one of our specialist lawyers who will be able to assist you.