Probate Fees to Remain the Same



(…for now)

In a previous blog we commented on the government’s controversial plans to dramatically increase Court fees for obtaining a Grant of Probate.

These fees were set to rise, on a sliding scale, from a fixed fee of £215 (£155 for a solicitor application) to up to £20,000 for an estate valued at over £2 million.

The fee increase had been strongly criticised and dubbed a “stealth tax” by its critics as the fee increase bore no direct correlation to the costs of running the Probate Registry and the funds raised would largely be used elsewhere within the Courts service.

There were also questions raised about the legality of the increase as it was seen as a “tax” rather than a true “fee”.

Due to the imminent election, parliament has now said it does not have time for the legislation to go through parliament in this session.

Will the fees be re-introduced?

It remains to be seen if the Conservatives are re-elected whether this legislation will be re-introduced to parliament. Watch this space….

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