The Court has ordered Cafcass prepare a Section 7 Report

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What Is This?

In children cases the Court may make an order that a Section 7 Report be prepared by Cafcass. Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. A Section 7 Report is a report about a child’s welfare which helps the Judge to decide.

The Cafcass Officer is a Social Worker and is independent of the Court. They must remain objective and his/her priority is the child’s welfare. The Cafcass Officer will gather information and analyse it and then give some recommendations. They will interview the parents and the child, if appropriate. The Cafcass Officer may also make enquiries of a child’s nursery or school and health care professionals or social workers, if they have been involved with the family. If the Cafcass Officer speaks to a child he/she will be trying to ascertain his/her wishes and feelings.

The Judge will be making their decision based on the recommendations of the Cafcass Officer. The Cafcass Report carries a great deal of weight. Therefore, any conversations with the Cafcass Officer are very important.

Some of the matters the Cafcass Officer will be looking at are the following:

These are just examples of what the Cafcass Officer will be looking at.

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