The Risks of Online Wills

Online Will writing services have become increasingly popular but there are concerns that this could lead to a surge of contested probate cases in the future.

The attraction of an online Will is often to save money. However in reality, preparing a Will online could cause problems in the future which cost a lot of money to resolve. In a recent study of 26 online Will writers, it was discovered that clients are often confused as to whether their matters are simple or complex and it was reported that 65% of people mistakenly believe their affairs are simple.

Limited Liability

Online companies often limit their liability when something goes wrong. There are fears amongst Probate experts that there is an increasing amount of Wills prepared online that will be contested when those who made them have died.

These fears were also mirrored by Michael Culver, chairman of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers who pointed out that: ‘It’s shocking that whilst Solicitors are required to have professional indemnity insurance … other professionals offering Wills limit their liability to the cost of the Will.’ This highlights the protection that firms offer individuals when making Wills.

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