Intrepretation and Enforcement of Lease Terms

Meaning of Lease Terms

Leases come in many different forms. Many are old and use “legal jargon”. It can often to be difficult to interpret what a particular clause means and sometimes the lease will contradict itself, be ambiguous or simply not deal with a particular point.

We can help you unravel the true meaning of the lease/particular clause and how this impacts on you.

Enforcement of Lease Terms

The Lease will set out various obligations on both the landlord (normally the owner of the building) and the flat owner. If these obligations are not adhered to enforcement action can be taken against the defaulting party. Some common examples on issues we are often asking to advise on are:

Whether you want to take the enforcement action or are on the receiving end of it, we have the expertise to advise you on these issues. We are experienced in negotiating a resolution to such issues or if need be we have the skills to pursue the matter through the court or Tribunal.

For information on enforcement of repairing obligations please click here.

For information on ending/forfeiting a lease due to breach of the lease terms, please click here.


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