Flat Owners – Missing Landlord/Freeholder

Missing Landlord?

If your Landlord is absent and you want to extend your lease or purchase the freehold with the majority of the flat owners in your building we can help you. We can instruct a tracing agent to try to locate your Landlord. Then if they are unsuccessful we can apply to the Court on your behalf. This would be for your Landlord’s interest to vest in the Court. In order that they can grant the lease extension or sell the freehold to you. You would still have to pay a premium for your lease extension or the freehold, but that would be held by the Court in case the Landlord comes forward to claim that in the future.

If your Landlord is absent, then the flat owners will need to ensure that they collectively insure and maintain the building. This can be difficult if one or more flat owners refuse to co-operate. Under the Lease it is usually only the Landlord that is entitled to claim a share of the cost of insurance and maintenance from each flat owner. In this situation the majority of the flat owners could obtain the right to manage the building.

If the Landlord cannot be traced, an application to a Tribunal can be made to obtain the right to manage. This means that un-co-operative flat owners could then be forced to comply with their obligations under the Lease. To contribute to the cost of maintenance and insurance. Our expert property solicitors in Sussex can advise you on your rights.


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