Thinking of Challenging a Will?

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There are many reasons why you may consider contesting a Will or bringing a claim against an estate, for example:

  • You may have been left out of a Will, a Will may make insufficient financial provision for you or there may be no Will at all.
  • You may be concerned about the circumstances surrounding the making of a Will:
  • Did the person who made the Will have mental capacity at the time they made their Will? Did they fully understand the terms of the Will?
  • Is the Will valid? Does it comply with the strict formalities for making a Will?
  • Was undue pressure placed on person making the Will to leave their estate to a particular person or to exclude others?
  • Is fraud or forgery involved?

If you are concerned about any of the above, you may have grounds to challenge the Will or make a claim against an estate. Talking to us could be the first step to putting things right.

We are experienced in a wide range of cases involving disputes over Wills, inheritance claims and disputes over the administration of estates. We advise clients on disputes where Wills are not properly prepared, estates are not properly administered, disputes with and between executors and  where those who should receive proper financial provision do not. We will always take great care to listen to your concerns and provide clear and practical advice.

We understand these are stressful issues and often involve complex family/emotional relationships which must be dealt with sensitively. We also appreciate this will be a difficult time for you, however, it is important not to delay seeking legal advice as there are strict time limits in place for pursuing certain types of cases.

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