5 minute Tea Break with Sue Chant

As an administration assistant, Sue is often in charge of our behind-the-scenes tasks. She is the
smiliest member of staff and is always there to cheer us all up on a rainy day with her delicious
baked treats or encouragement to boogie.

Tea or coffee?


How long have you been at Hart Reade?

14 years now

You’re a keen baker and have started bringing in baked goods for donations for our charity,
Children With Cancer Fund, what first got you into baking?

I started baking as my mum always did it and of course my legendary Welsh cakes are a signature
cake of mine as nobody makes them here. I’ve always brought cakes in and now make a special
effort as an extra option for staff to donate to our chosen charity. It’s been so popular that the firm’s
partners have allotted me a baking budget to make cakes/goodies once a month for the staff as a

What is your personal favourite baked item?

My personal fave baked item..hmm… I would say it would be a coffee and walnut cake.

One of your office duties is making sure the stationery cupboard is stocked, what stationery item
gets used up most in a law firm?

The most used item in a solicitors is unfortunately copier paper followed by paper clips.

Is Hart Reade a friendly team?

Yes! I enjoy working with my colleagues, hence I organise social events such as bake nights and
latterly a local pantomime visit.