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Making an Online Payment via our Website for Hart Reade’s Costs

For your convenience you can pay your legal costs immediately via our online payment service.

You will need your matter reference number (which will be in the format 000000/0000).  Your matter reference will have been provided to you on a bill, or when we have requested you to pay money on account.

Payments cannot be accepted online for deposits or purchase monies.  Please refer to your Solicitor/Lawyer as to how these payments can be made.

Please note that this facility is for client use only.  Third parties (relatives, friends or associates) must not make a payment on behalf of a client.  Any monies paid by a third party may not be used in respect of costs and may not be returned quickly.  This is due to the need for us to undertake any anti money laundering searches we deem necessary, and to make any referrals to third party agencies (as appropriate) to consent to return the monies.

World Pay

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Please note we are unable to accept American Express

Paying a bill

If we have sent you a bill you can pay this online.

Sending Money on Account

We may ask you to pay Money on Account of our fees for which you haven’t yet been invoiced.  This is usually money your Solicitor or Lawyer will hold on account in respect of one off advice, or to pay future invoices (disbursements) such as searches and land registry fees.


Payments will only be accepted in GBP – Sterling.  Please note that payments can take 3 to 5 days to reach our account.

Payment by Credit Card

Credit card payments can only be accepted in respect of your legal costs.  Legal costs are what we charge you for our services when acting on your behalf.

We cannot accept credit card payments in respect of disbursements.  Disbursements are payments we make on your behalf to a third party such as court fees, barrister fees and property searches (i.e. local authority searches, drainage and water searches and land registry searches).

If you have any questions relating to payment by credit card please contact your Solicitor/Lawyer.

Credit card payments made in respect of disbursements made via this web page will be rejected.  We reserve the right to apply an administrative charge for rejected credit card payments.

Refund Policy

Due to online payments being accepted for legal services already undertaken (a Bill), or to pay future invoices (Money on Account), we do not generally offer refunds.  However, should you require a refund, or need assistance with a payment you have made, please contact the Solicitor or Lawyer dealing with your matter to discuss this further.


Your payment will be processed via the secure WorldPay website.

If you share your computer or device, or are making the transaction in a public place, please ensure you are not overlooked and keep your payment details confidential.  When complete close the browser window and log off if necessary.

Contact Us

Telephone: 01323 727321


Make a Payment

Please enter your matter reference number and the amount you wish to pay (without a £ sign) below.  You will then be redirected to WorldPay to make the payment on their secure server; at which stage you will be asked to enter additional information.