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Leasehold Ownership – Take it or Lease it

What is a leasehold property? If you buy a property that is leasehold you own the property (you are the leaseholder) but you do not own the building or the land it is built…

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Conveyancing Myth Busters No. 3

“Searches cost a lot of money!  Do I really need them?” If you are purchasing a property with the assistance of a mortgage in most cases lenders will require certain property searches to be…

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SFE now Lifetime Lawyers

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) has changed its name to The Association of Lifetime Lawyers. The change comes as a rebrand to include solicitors who specialise in legal advice for the elderly and legal…

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Conveyancing Myth Busters No.2

“Stamp Duty Land Tax has to be paid by everyone” Stamp Duty Land Tax (often referred to as SDLT) is a property tax imposed by the Government that is payable when property is purchased. …

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Conveyancing Myth Busters No. 1

“It all takes too long!!” The fact that solicitors can send letters and documents by e-mail helps transactions to be undertaken faster than they have ever been. The advent of the internet has undoubtedly…

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10 Top Tips for Selling your Property

One of the most common complaints about the conveyancing process is the time it takes to complete a sale and/or purchase. I am often asked if there is anything that can be done to…

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Delays eased at probate registry

Delays at the probate registry will hopefully be eased with the installation of a new management team. The average wait for grant of probate is currently 12 weeks. Mike Freer MP answered a number…

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Types of Protection Orders

Non-Molestation Orders Non-Molestation Orders are made under the Family Law Act 1996. These are an Order prohibiting a person from molesting another person. It is a criminal offence if a Non-Molestation Order is breached…

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The Court Has Ordered Cafcass Prepare a Safeguarding Letter – What Is This?

In children cases the Court may make an order that a Safeguarding Letter be prepared by Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service).  When an application for a Child Arrangements Order is…

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The Benefits of the Collaborative Approach to Family Law Disputes

What Claims Do Unmarried Couples Have On Separation?

If you are looking to find out what claims do unmarried couples have on separation, then please read this article below: Claims under Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 The law…

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