Completed on Your First Home – What Happens Next? Some Practical Tips

As a first-time buyer it is a great feeling hearing the words ‘The sellers have received the funds, the estate agents will now release the keys to you.’ Completion day means your conveyancing transaction is complete. So, is everything done and dusted? Not quite.

Transfer of ownership is noted on the property’s title with HM Land Registry. Entries at the Land Registry show who owns the property, whether there is a mortgage and whether the property is a leasehold or freehold.

Following completion, your solicitor will notify the Land Registry that you are the buyer and they will update the title. You will receive a copy of the electronic entries when the register is complete. (By the way, if you need information about any neighbouring land, you can order a copy of the title register via the Land Registry website for a small fee.)

You may have already opened the champagne, but don’t forget there are still some loose ends to tie up.

  1. Contact your utilities suppliers to let them know you are the new occupant:
  1. Notify various services of your address change:
  1. On exchange you will have had to purchase buildings insurance, but don’t forget that on completion, you should consider contents insurance and remember to add any advance purchases such as white goods to your policy.

When the above is done, that is when you can put your feet up and enjoy your home as the official new home owner.

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