Why You Should Consider Using A Resolution Solicitor

FAQs Regarding Cohabitation Agreements and Declarations of Trust

If you Google the word ‘resolution’ in England and Wales, the top ranked result may be an organisation you may never have heard of.  Resolution encompasses 6,500 family solicitors and other practitioners whose primary reason for existing is to resolve family disputes in a manner that is as constructive as possible.  After all, an adversarial approach to resolving a family dispute serves no one and can leave ex-spouses reeling for many years financially and emotionally, not to mention the children.  By striving for a balanced outcome, a win-win can be achieved – essential especially when children are caught up in the proceedings.

In which situations should you consider seeking the help of a member of Resolution?

Resolution members are specialists in family law, in particular divorce, parenting after separation, cohabitation, and domestic abuse (including female genital mutilation and honour-based violence).

Family disputes can often be highly charged and lead to considerable distress for all involved, hence Resolution Solicitors will aim to find a solution in a non-hostile manner.  The Code of Practice and principles followed by Resolution members is considered to be highly effective and as such is recognised as best practice for family law specialists by the Law Society.

The Resolution Code of Practice

All Resolution members are trained in and sign up to a strict Code of Practice, which ensures no matter where you seek help, you will receive the same standard of professionalism and beneficial approach to your matter.  The Code states that members must:

In addition to the Code, members are encouraged to work with clients in a way that promotes a positive and clear outcome, by:

How does Resolution uphold the needs of children in family law disputes?

Resolution practitioners put the needs of children front and centre of the dispute resolution process.  The approach adopted by Resolution ensures that children are listened to and their views taken into account.  For example, according to research by Resolution, 82% of children when asked would rather their parents separate than remain together solely for their sake.  This may come as a surprise to some who might naturally assume that remaining together would be preferable for children.

To further ensure the impact on children of familial discord is taken into account, Resolution publish a Parenting Charter which sets out the rights of children who are being impacted by family conflict.  It reminds parents that such conflict can damage the lives of children and lead to feelings of hurt and fear.

A Resolution practitioner may also recommend that parents attend a Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP).  SPIP sessions are not run by Resolution; they provided by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), an organisation whose role it is to represent the interests of children in family court cases.  SPIP is open to separating couples even if they are resolving their matter outside of the court system and is free in many areas.

Resolution also offers support to grandparents in relation to their relationship with their grandchildren, and their own son or daughter and/or their ex-partner.  Separation deeply affects grandparents, and their feelings and wishes can often go overlooked.  Resolution can assist them to understand what is happening, and how best to support the family to adjust.  And in the difficult situation that grandparents are not being permitted access to their grandchildren, Resolution can also advise the available courses of action.

In summary

In the immediate heat of a family dispute, it is common and natural for those directly affected to act out of anger towards each other.  When seeking the guidance of a Resolution law practitioner, you can be confident they understand how to encourage both sides to take a more balanced perspective of the situation for the sake of the ongoing relationship with the other person, and the children.  No matter what your family law dispute, Resolution members have the skills and experience to help you find an amicable solution which will enable you to move on with your lives in the most positive way possible.  No one ever wants to find themselves in a family dispute, but by taking a balanced, positive and future focused approach, the best interests of you and your children will be taken care of.

Please note, this article does not constitute legal advice. 

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