Court Hearings in an application for a Child Arrangements Order

The Benefits of the Collaborative Approach to Family Law Disputes

There are various types of Court Hearings that can be listed in an application for a Child Arrangements Order.  The Court Order will set out what type of Hearing the matter has been listed for. We set out below a guide as to what happens at each type of Hearing.

First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA)

Dispute Resolution Appointment (DRA)

Directions Hearing

Pre-Trial Review (PTR)

Fact-Finding Hearing

Final Hearing

Welfare Checklist

When the Court determines any question with regard to a child, the child’s welfare will be the Court’s paramount consideration. The Court must take into account the statutory checklist (see below) and any other factors that it considers relevant. The Children Act 1989 contains the statutory checklist which is a checklist of factors that the Court must consider when deciding what the child’s needs are and what Order to make. Those factors are:

The checklist is not exhaustive.

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