Enforcement of Child Arrangements Orders

What Happens if my Spouse Ignores the Divorce Petition?

We often come across cases where one party or even both are not complying with the child arrangements order.  There may of course be good reason a party is not complying and indeed also no reason at all.

The remedy for this is to apply for an enforcement of the child arrangements order.

On any application to enforce a child arrangements order the court will:

An application for enforcement of a Child Arrangements Order should be listed for hearing within 20 working days of issue. Enforcement cases must be concluded without delay.

If the court considers it is necessary, they will direct that further safeguarding checks are required from CAFCASS. If the application for enforcement is made more than three months after the order to be enforced, safeguarding checks will be ordered.

Where the court considers that there has been a breach of a Child Arrangements Order without reasonable excuse, the powers available to it include (but are not limited to):

Where the court is considering making an enforcement order for alleged non-compliance with an order or considering a compensation order in respect of financial loss, in the absence of an agreement between the parties about the relevant facts it will determine the facts in order to establish the cause of the alleged failure to comply.

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