What action can I take if a Child Arrangements Order is not being complied with?

Application for an Enforcement Order

If a Child Arrangements Order is not being complied with and you have been unable to resolve the matter amicably you can make an application to the Court for an Enforcement Order. It may be appropriate to undertake Mediation first however Mediation is not always appropriate.

What you must show

The Court can only make an Enforcement Order if it is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that a person has failed to keep to the Child Arrangements Order.  The Court cannot make an Enforcement Order if it is satisfied that the person had a reasonable excuse for failing to keep to the Child Arrangements Order. The burden of proving a reasonable excuse is on the person in breach and the test is the balance of probabilities.

Factors which the Court will consider

On any application to enforce a Child Arrangements Order the Court will consider a number of matters including the reasons for any non-compliance, how the wishes and feelings of the child are to be ascertained, whether advice is required from Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) on the appropriate way forward, the welfare checklist (see below).

Welfare Checklist

When the Court determines any question with regard to a child, the child’s welfare will be the Court’s paramount consideration. The Children Act 1989 contains a checklist of factors that the Court must consider when deciding what the children’s needs are and what Order to make. Those factors are:

The checklist is not exhaustive.

Orders which the Court can make

Where the Court considers that there has been a breach of a Child Arrangements Order without reasonable excuse, the powers available to it include (but are not limited to):

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