What Measures Can Be Put In Place When I Attend Court To Ensure I Do Not Suffer Any Further Harm?

Supreme Court

Court’s duty

The Court’s duty to consider special measures/participation directions starts when the Court proceedings are issued and continue to the conclusion of the matter.

What special measures can be put in place?

The Family Procedure Rules set out the ‘measures’ that may be made by the Court to ensure a party who is, or is at risk of becoming, a victim of domestic abuse, can attend Court without suffering any further harm. These measures include directions:

Supreme Court

How do I request special measures?

When a party issues a Court application, they will be asked whether they require any special measures. Alternatively, a party can make a request for special measures at any time during the proceedings by making a separate application to the Court. Any application for special measures should include:

The Court can make an Order for special measures on its own initiative.

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