What Types of Orders can the Court make in Respect of Children?

We often receive enquiries regarding how solicitors can help with issues relating to children when relationships break down. If you are finding it difficult to agree on issues relating to children we encourage you to seek early legal advice. There are different routes you can use to reach a resolution. If Court proceedings become necessary then any Order made by a Judge will be legally binding. There are many types of Orders which relate to a child’s upbringing.

What types of Orders can the Court make in respect of children?

The Court can make different types of Orders in relation to a child for example:

Child Arrangements Order

A Specific Issue Order

A Prohibited Steps Order

A Variation Order

A Discharge Order

An Enforcement Order

A Declaration of Parentage

A Parental Responsibility Order

A Step-Parental Responsibility Order

A Special Guardianship Order

An Order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts


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