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It is becoming more and more important now to ensure you are fully active on all social media platforms. Hart Reade understands that ensuring all our regular customers and friends are fully up to date with all aspects of the law that will affect them, is vital. It is also a way of connecting with new people, whether they may be new customers or alliances who we can work with in the future.

Already having a Facebook page, that is regularly updated, we also use our blog to keep people informed about new legislation, news about our company and any other business that is relevant for us.

Google+ PageWe also use our Google+ page and see this as another way of communication that will assist us in our goal; to be seen as one of the major contributors in law discussions and information that is related to the subject of law. We would like to increase our number of followers on Google+ so we can create a buzz on the activity we have on here. If this is something you are interested in, then please follow our Google+ page for our Eastbourne office, as we will posts legal updates and news via this platform as well.

We always like to have reviews from customers, people we have helped and businesses we have worked with. So please take a few minutes to review us on Google+. All you need is to do is log in with a Gmail account and you can place a review on the services you have had from Hart Reade and how you found working with us.

Please take a few minutes to help us achieve all we would like to, through our many social media platforms. Thank you in advance!