Retirement and Estate Planning Seminar – 8 October 2019

The last 12 years have seen major changes in the way married couples and others can plan for their families.

2007 saw the introduction of the Transferable Nil Rate Band. In 2017, the property related Residential Nil Rate Band saw a further significant increase for individuals with children. By 2020 a husband and wife will be able to leave their immediate family as much as £1million without suffering any Inheritance Tax at all.

In addition, the Government introduced ‘Pension Freedoms’ in 2015 which allowed the transfer of personal pension funds to a spouse or the next generation of families without coming under the Inheritance Tax regime. Depending upon age at death and the value of the fund (and with correct advice), it is entirely possible that the whole fund can be passed on with no Tax to pay. This potentially can occur on a number of occasions and be split between multiple different beneficiaries.

In the past, many will have viewed their pensions as a source of retirement income. This may not always be appropriate. Pensions in some situations can be viewed as an Inheritance Tax free ‘store of wealth’ and other assets should be spent during your lifetime to maximise allowances.


In conjunction with Roberts Clifford Wealth Management, a firm of Financial Planners, we would like to invite you to our Autumn 2019 event where we can give a more detailed insight into these topics as well as addressing other post retirement questions:

Admittance to the seminar is free, and if you would like to attend, please RSVP by booking a ticket on our Eventbrite page.

We do hope to see you there and look forward to helping you and your family plan for a secure future.



The seminar will cover: