Fully Operational & Open for Business – Our Covid Measures

At Hart Reade we have worked hard during the Covid pandemic to provide a continued high level of
service to our clients, both old and new, even if we are working remotely.

We are open, fully operational and are taking on new clients.

The safety of our clients and staff is our number one priority and meetings should therefore take
place by phone, email or via Video/Zoom call. Essential urgent and meetings can be arranged in
advance (via telephone or email) at our Covid safe offices if absolutely necessary and socially
distanced home visits can be organised for the elderly, again if necessary and essential.

We can take your initial instructions and progress your case over the telephone or via email and if
you would like a video conference this can easily be arranged.

We are undertaking many Will and Powers of Attorney instructions for our clients.

Conveyancing is continuing and we can progress your sale and/or purchase swiftly.

Many applications and submissions to the Court can be made without the need to physically attend
at a solicitor’s office, and Court Hearings are often taking place remotely.

Many people are now choosing to appoint a solicitor who can handle their affairs without the need
to meet them face to face. This means that you can appoint a law firm that maybe is not in your local
area and, more importantly, means you can deal with your legal matter at your convenience without
the need to take time off work or other commitments. We can handle your matter more efficiently
using remote technology but still providing you with the same friendly, personal and professional

I am a new client how do I get in touch?

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss any aspect of our services please call
us on 01323 727321 or via email on info@hartreade.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact us via the
direct emails which can be found under each lawyer’s profile on the Meet the Team section on our

Face to face appointments at the office

If a face to face meeting is required (where essential and necessary) these must be pre-booked to
ensure there are adequate meeting rooms available.
Please see out Visitor Guidance for our Covid safe Offices.

Home visits

We can arrange to meet the elderly, where essential and necessary, at home or outside if you have a
garden or suitable outside private space to meet in.

When home visits are booked in advance, we will contact you one working day prior to check it is
still appropriate for the meeting to go ahead.

Where necessary, essential and appropriate, we can still arrange visits to hospitals and care homes
and our staff will follow all guidance in place.

Again, please see our Visitor Guidance.

Hand delivering documents or ID

If you are dropping in paperwork please post through the letterbox.
Please pre-book an appointment if you need to come into the office with your original ID

Hart Reade thanks you for your continued support and co-operation. Please do not hesitate to call
us on 01323 727321 or via email on info@hartreade.co.uk if you have any further questions.