Legal Updates

Help to Buy

Help to Buy: How Does It Work?

Help to Buy schemes have been around for a number of years.  These allow you to put down a reduced deposit, generally 5%. And also receive a contribution toward the cost of the property…

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Unfair Dismissal

A Short Guide to Unfair Dismissal

Every eligible employee has a statutory right not to be unfairly dismissed pursuant to section 94 of the Employment Rights Act 1996. It is important the employer has a good reason for the dismissal…

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Is a Tenant Responsible for repairs and maintenance

Is a Tenant Responsible for Repairs and Maintenance in Commercial Property?

If you are an existing business owner who operates from leased business premises, then you should be only too aware of the extent of your repairing obligations under your lease. If you are setting…

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collaborative law

The Collaborative Approach (Mediation with Representation)

As you may be aware, when couples separate, they cannot instruct one family lawyer to assist them reach an agreement. If couples wish to seek legal advice following separation, they each have to take…

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Commorientes Rule

Who Died First? – Daughter Misses out on Inheritance due to Little Known Legal Rule

In a recent case involving an elderly couple found dead in their home. A little known legal rule centering around who died first has resulted in the wife’s daughter taking the entire joint estate….

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Contesting a Will

Making Sense of Contentious Probate

In recent years, solicitors have seen a significant rise in disputes relating to Wills and probate. The increase in contentious probate is thought to be due in large part to changes in society. Including:…

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Litigation Solicitors

Strategic Land Development – Option and Promotion Agreements

With an ever-increasing demand for new housing, it is a fruitful time for landowners considering their options for the future use of their land. Whether approached directly by a developer already, or if weighing…

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Pensions on Divorce

Pensions and Divorce

Pensions can sometimes be overlooked by divorcing couples in divorce settlements. However, in some cases, pensions may be one of the most valuable assets available to you and your spouse (sometimes worth more than…

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Autumn trees by a lake

Personal Welfare Deputies – Can Parents be Appointed for Adult Children?

The Court of Protection has recently provided new guidance which may make it easier for parents to be appointed as their adult child’s Personal Welfare Deputies. In circumstances where they suffer from learning difficulties….

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Hand with ring

No Fault Divorces – Is it Finally the End of the Blame Game?

The government has confirmed that divorce law in England and Wales may finally be changed to introduce ‘no fault’ divorces. Family law practitioners have been campaigning for this much needed change to the law…

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