How to Protect your Property from Fraud

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Property Fraud - HouseRegister for Property Alerts to avoid your home being taken away by fraudsters

You may have seen in the press recently that criminals are going to great lengths to steal property.

Title Deeds have been held electronically at the Land Registry since 2003 and fraudsters have tried to use these to steal the identity of homeowners.

If it happened to you, the fraudsters could possibly sell or mortgage your property without you even knowing until it is too late.

What to do

There is a way to minimize the risk however: you can register for ‘Property Alert’ (a free service) through the Land Registry.

Signing up to this service and just providing an email address will enable you to be notified of changes to the Title of your property.

This is a simple process that could save you from falling victim to property fraud and losing your home.

You are able to get alerts for up to 10 properties – there’s no fee.

To do this, please visit the Land Registry at:

Contact Our Property Department

Should you have any queries on protecting your property, or any other property related matters, please contact our Property Department who will be happy to advise you.