5 Minute Tea Break with Lynne Carter

Lynne Carter

Lynne recently joined Hart Reade and brings with her specialist knowledge in wills and estate law. Lynne’s calm and personable demeanour makes her a sought-after solicitor in matters to do with the elderly. She has a considerate approach in her legal work, advising with a professional and caring manner.

Lynne CarterTea or coffee?


What made you specialise in your area of law?

I used to be a carer specialising in elderly care and found great satisfaction from helping them in difficult times. I now enjoy using my legal knowledge to do the same.

Why do I need a will if I’m happily married with children?

There are lots of reasons why you might need a will, which varies on your personal circumstances. Some include:

If you were to die without making a will, your estate will pass under intestacy laws and often in ways you might not think.

If I am caring for my elderly father and we would like to see a solicitor about his affairs, do we have to come to your office?

I would be more than happy to attend clients at their home or hospital if they are unable to attend the office.

How can legal advice help if my parent has dementia?

If a person has dementia, they may need more assistance and so would likely benefit from the help of an attorney or deputy. I would be happy to discuss the options available to ensure they can get the help they need.