Conveyancing Myth Busters No. 1

“It all takes too long!!”

The fact that solicitors can send letters and documents by e-mail helps transactions to be undertaken faster than they have ever been.

The advent of the internet has undoubtedly helped speed up the conveyancing process.  No more searches submitted by post to local authorities using plans hatched or edged red using a colouring pencil!!  Instead, solicitors use a portal to apply for paperless searches which are returned by e-mail and with a much faster turnaround time.

That said, documents and information still have to go back and forth between solicitors acting for the seller and the purchaser in each transaction.  Similarly, letters and documents have to be sent to clients who may have to answer questions raised, or sign documents sent to them.

On a leasehold purchase a management pack has to be obtained from the management company and again this can take some time (as it has to be paid for the seller up front!).

There can be delays while solicitors wait for replies from clients, other solicitors or managing agents.  While it can be frustrating for clients, there is a lot of information gathering and work is going on behind the scenes to chase things up so that the transaction can progress smoothly.

You should allow approximately 6-8 weeks for a freehold property purchase and approximately 10-12 weeks for a leasehold purchase.   Transactions where a new build is involved, where a mortgage needs to be applied for or if there is a long chain may take longer, however the flip side is that some transactions may take less time if they are straightforward with no complications.

Solicitors do their best to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

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